About VerifyAdvantageTM

VerifyAdvantage is First Advantage's secure, Web-based employment and income verification service. This service allows requestors, such as credit lenders, mortgage companies, government agencies and prospective employers, to confirm a current or former employee's income or employment information. Your employees will benefit from faster responses to verification requests and will have more control over what information is shared.

VerifyAdvantage removes much of the administrative hassle associated with employee verifications and allows your team to focus on core business functions. Most importantly, VerifyAdvantage helps reduce the risk of releasing inaccurate information or providing information to unknown requestors.

First Advantage monitors all users entering the system, as well as the information requested, approved and modified. Any suspicious activity is immediately recorded, documented and reported to the appropriate employer/program administrator(s). Configurable reporting options help you better understand how your employees and their requestors are using the system.

The employment verification industry is facing ever increasing regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as government legislation escalates to ensure employers protect the privacy and accuracy of their employees' data. VerifyAdvantage gives you and your employees greater visibility and security for the distribution of employment and income information. First Advantage will help your payroll and human resources departments eliminate unauthorized data releases and help ensure information accuracy.

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