VerifyAdvantageTM Frequently Asked Questions

What is VerifyAdvantageTM

VerifyAdvantageTM is First Advantage’s secure, Web based employment and income verification service. This service allows requestors, such as credit lenders, mortgage companies, government agencies and prospective employers, to confirm a current or former employee’s income or employment information.

Who uses VerifyAdvantageTM

Individuals/employees use VerifyAdvantageTM to provide proof of employment and/or income when securing financing or housing, as well as when applying for a job or government assistance. For example, before receiving a loan, the lender requires proof of income and employment to reduce the risk of the individual not repaying the loan. The lender goes to to get the necessary proof.

Employers use VerifyAdvantageTM to provide their staff relief from most of the administrative hassle of verifications and to improve this important service for employees. VerifyAdvantageTM also helps reduce the potential for releasing inaccurate information, as well as releasing information to the wrong person/business.

Requestors include organizations such as mortgage companies, banks, lenders, apartment complexes, government agencies and potential employers. Requestors use VerifyAdvantageTM to confirm employment/income information before providing financing, employment, government assistance or housing.

Can anyone view employee information?

No. Requestor organizations must complete a proprietary screening process and be identified as a legitimate organization.

What if my employees do not want anyone to see their information on VerifyAdvantageTM

VerifyAdvantageTM offers your employees robust access controls. Employees can approve or deny access to their data, as well as monitor who is accessing their data.

How long does it take to get a verification?

For credentialed requestors, most verifications can be processed instantly.

What if my employees do not believe the information provided is correct?

VerifyAdvantageTM provides your employees with the ability to dispute information they believe is inaccurate. The automated dispute resolution feature helps facilitate the resolution process

Is the login secure?

Each employee will be provided a secure login, which should not be shared with anyone.

How do I get more information?

Go to Contact Us.